About Us

The Vintage Design Apartment 321 offers the highest standards of service, comfort & design in the very heart of Hualien. The design of the hotel is retro 50s, 60s and 70s, which is quite refreshing in a place filled with old grandeur. Each of the 7 rooms of the B&B is individually and uniquely designed with retro furniture, fabrics, movie posters, and decors resulting in interestingly colorful yet comfortable and relaxing.
Apartment 321
Located very close to the center of downtown city, our licensed Apartment 321 is an ideal place for your business trips or simply to discover Hualien. Nearby you will find Hualien Cultural and Creative Industries Park and shopping streets as well as a wide selection of restaurants. Apartment 321 has been recently renovated and professionally decorated. It is one of Hualien’ newest, most luxurious B&B featuring unique classic retro design. The class furniture matched the vibrant colorful decor is providing this place with awesome bright ambiance.